Mental Health

When the world is busy in discussing about gaslighting, mental health and #MeToo issues.

Why I am not comfortable in discussing about my journey probably because, for me my #MeToo moment was when I learned to be fierce rather than vulnerable.

Being an introvert personality world is bit difficult but things turned around during my journey with depression, when I fall in love with myself, when I learned to take care of myself, when I learned to be independent. It was and is my journey of self control, self awareness and Self-consciousness, though it is not easy but in my view it is a journey of forgiving and forgetting.

There is very thin line between depression and normal behavior but because of the constraints and taboos which we have as a gift in our Indian society this line becomes negligible where a person gets more confused and realize it in worst phase. If we want to grow we need to be more liberal with ourselves and with others too!