You & Me!!

You & Me, smiling at each other.

You & Me, talking to each other.

You & Me, missing each other.

You & Me, different than this world.

You & Me, tied with an invisible bond.

You & Me, beyond the rules of this world.

You & Me, beyond the web of good and bad of this world.

When you smile at me and the entire world comes on my feet.

When I held you in my arms the very first time..

and your tiny little fingers touched me.

When you opened your little eyes, the entire world stopped around me.

When you hug me and read my heart without uttering a single word,

that’s the only thing that I wanted in this world.

You & Me,

beyond the definition and explanation.

Only You & Me…Rafa!!

(dedicated to my nephew #Rafa)


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